Transgender Military Ban

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Trump’s recent tweets threatening to ban transgender people from serving the US military is another reminder of the betrayal his administration has been to LGBTQ+ people. Don’t despair, though, according to this article in the Guardian ( the military has not received an official order from the Commander-in-Chief and General Joseph Duford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the military, has issued a statement saying no changes are yet in effect.

Even after orders are given, it looks as though the Trump administration may have some difficulty instituting a policy without a valid justification. This Politico article ( argues that the animus demonstrated by the broad and baseless ban announced by Trump on Twitter is likely to fail in court as a valid reason for this hateful and bigoted decision.

Trump’s snap decision was largely in response to the failure of the Hartzler amendment to the defense authorization bill, which would have prevented funding of gender affirmation surgeries and other treatments for transgender members of the armed forces. According to Time ( of her Republican colleagues joined Democrats to defeat the amendment. Frustrated by the slowdown in authorizing a standard, non-partisan bill, Trump lashed out with his ill-conceived ban tweets.

Local activists in Tallahassee will be protesting the ban at the Florida Capitol on Sunday, July 30, from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

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