3 Tumblr Artists Share Their Visions For Pride Month

Here's what they had to say about their artwork, their hopes for Pride and more.

‘Queer Eye’ Renewed For Seasons 4 And 5 On Netflix

A new season of the Fab Five's Emmy-winning series will be streaming as soon as next month.

Here’s Why Megan Rapinoe Is Protesting During The National Anthem At The World Cup

The co-captain of the U.S. women's national soccer team has stood silently with her arms by her sides during the Star Spangled Banner before games.

Buyer Of Hell, Michigan Transforms It Into Gay Hell To Scorch Trump

Musician Elijah Daniel is owning it.

San Francisco Taking Down Sassy ‘Transphobia Prohibited’ Signs On Mass Transit

The Pride Train SF Alerts bring a message of inclusion and tolerance to the trains, but the Muni system says they go off the rails on language and logo.

Mastercard To Allow Transgender, Nonbinary People To Use Chosen Names On Cards

The company said it will offer a "True Name" card, stressing that for trans and nonbinary people, "the card in their pocket can serve as a source of sensitivity."

California Joins States Raising Pride Flags At Their Capitols, Defying Trump

Gavin Newsom's move comes as the Trump administration blocks U.S. embassies from flying the LGBTQ banner.

Eugene Lee Yang Of ‘The Try Guys’ Comes Out In Hauntingly Beautiful Music Video

The internet star wrote, choreographed and directed the music video entitled "I'm Gay."

This Finance Book Just Might Change Your Life

The "I Will Teach You To Be Rich" title is polarizing, but the advice is on point.

Supreme Court Declines To Weigh In On New LGBTQ Wedding Cake Case

The justices sent the case back to a lower court “for further consideration in light of Masterpiece Cakeshop," a similar case last year.